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Revolution, Romance and Royal Jewels

Philip Cummings hated change. When his high-flying job at the Bank of England takes him to Russia he’s caught up in the chaos, turmoil, violence and vengeance of the Bolshevik Revolution. Philip must survive double-cross and cold-blooded murder if he’s to bring the beautiful Countess Sophie Tagleva, her wounded brother, a chest full of the Tsar’s jewels and secret papers out of Russia and from the clutches of all the fighting factions swirling around if he’s to expose those who betrayed him.

The Tsar's Banker - hard back

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Paperback: 328 pages
Author: Stephen Davis
Language: English
ISBN 978-0-9955423-3-4
ISBN 978-0-9955423-4-1
Product Dimensions: 19.4 x 13 x 2.6 cm

“A thrilling novel painted in glorious period and geographic detail with the real life conspiracy theory of Dan Brown and the glamour of Ian Fleming at his best. It compels you to turn the pages to find out how Philip Cummings and the British Empire are embroiled in the destiny of Tsarist Russia. I loved it.”
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The secret they don’t want you to know…

Michael Tagleva is the eldest son and heir to one of the wealthiest banking families in Europe. When visiting Germany he is welcomed as a distinguished guest by the Nazis, but not everything is as it seems. Michael soon finds himself in a labyrinth of deceit and double-cross. In a breath-taking race against time Michael must uncover the plot if he’s to thwart those that conspire to destroy his family and force Britain to surrender to Germany…

Paperback: 282 pages
Author: Stephen Davis
Language: English
ISBN 978-0-9955423-0-3